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Installation and Repair of Transfer Cases in Edmonton

When you’re seeking trusted, quality repairs for your transfer cases in Edmonton, look no further than our expert technicians at Alberta Transmission Service. Whether you drive an off-road, four-by-four pickup or an all-wheel drive luxury sedan, we are fully equipped and prepared to repair your transfer cases.

What exactly is a transfer case? It’s a complex part that plays an integral role in transferring power from the transmission to both the front and rear axles through the drive shafts. For vehicles that have the ability to switch back and forth between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, the transfer case is the central hub through which that process plays out. Contact us to know more.

Types of Transfer Cases

There exist different types of transfer cases for different kinds of vehicles. Listed below are the categories of T-cases you may commonly encounter in your vehicles:

  • Part-time 4WD: This provides you with an option to send power exclusively to the rear wheels. As a result, they provide better fuel-efficiency and smoother operation.
  • Full-time 4WD: Power is sent both to the front and the back wheels all the time, most often for maximum traction in challenging driving conditions, such as off-road.
  • AWD: An active 4WD system that requires no input from the driver, which automatically adjusts the power sent to the front and rear wheels as driving conditions require.
  • Multi-speed: With multi-speed cases, a gearbox is added, allowing you an increase in the number of gear ratio options.
  • Chain-driven: In a chain-driven transfer case, a heavy-duty chain is engaged to deliver the axles' power output.
  • Gear-driven: Gears are used in these transfer cases to split the power between the axles for excellent results in extreme wheeling and recreation off-roading.

You can count on us for expert transfer case installations and repairs in Edmonton.

Signs of Faulty or Failing Transfer Cases

There are a number of signs that your transfer case is either faulty or in the process of failing:

  • The gears have difficulty shifting – The transfer case is completely sealed in order to keep fluid within the unit. If the transfer case suffers damage that causes a leak, it will automatically lose fluid pressure, which will result in the driver experiencing difficulty shifting the gears.

  • Grinding noises – When the transfer case loses lubrication, it causes a grinding noise coming from the bottom of your vehicle due to the metal-on-metal contact where the transfer case is located. Any type of grinding noise is bad news for a vehicle, so be sure to visit Alberta Transmission Service right away if you’re beginning to hear those types of ugly noises.

  • Going in and out of four-wheel drive – If your vehicle is going in and out of four-wheel drive when you have it set on four-wheel drive, there’s certainly an issue. This is often caused by damaged or broken parts of the transfer case that are directly applied to the four-wheel drive transfer process.

  • Involuntarily shifting out of gear – While not a common problem, a faulty transfer case will cause your vehicle to shift out of gear spontaneously. This is an extremely dangerous situation, and requires immediate attention.

If you suspect a transfer case issue, reach out to us for a professional diagnostic and timely service. When it comes to repairing transfer cases in Edmonton, our team of technicians are up to the task!

Benefits of Professional Transfer Cases Repair

When your transfer case is in need of repair—or even worse, replacement—you have a few options. Either you can go it on your own or you can have it repaired by a professional. We strongly recommend having this job done by a professional for the following reasons:

  • Avoid further issues – While you may go into a transfer case repair project with good intentions, you could very well cause additional problems, costing you even more money in the long run. However, when the repairs are completed by a professional at Alberta Transmission Service, you’ll know the job was done correctly without worry of added complications.

  • Diagnosis of other problems – Our expert technicians work with transfer cases every day, and have seen every problem imaginable. That gives them the ability to identify and diagnose issues with your transfer case that you may not have already known were present.

  • Peace of mind – There’s nothing quite like having peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good shape after the trusted team at Alberta Transmission Service has repaired your transfer case. Now that’s peace of mind money can buy!

Visit Us for Transfer Cases Repair in Edmonton

Don’t let problems with your transfer case persist! Trust our expert technicians to provide the repairs you need quickly and efficiently. Don't let problems with your transfer case persist! Trust our expert technicians to provide the repairs you need quickly and efficiently. We specialize in all transmission and drivetrain services. Visit our garage in Edmonton today or fill out our online form describing the T-case issues you face. You can expect our representatives to get back to you at the earliest and discuss with you the possible problems and potential repairs and solutions.

Rest assured, with us, your vehicles will be in knowledgeable and skilled hands. For further inquiries, feel free to give us a call at 780-448-1686.

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