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We offer both manual and automatic transmission repair services at competitive prices.

Clutch Repairs and Replacements in Edmonton

A clutch is a mechanical device used in cars that connects your engine to the drivetrain. A clutch is an important part of your car or truck that enables your vehicle to operate smoothly and safely. It uses friction to minimize the difference in speeds (slippage) between your engine and the drive shaft. At Alberta Transmission Service, we have been offering quality clutch repairs in Edmonton for over 25 years, and can diagnose and repair clutches in practically any passenger vehicle.

Signs That Your Car Might Need Its Clutch Repaired or Replaced:

  • Change in engine speed without a change in acceleration
  • Change in clutch pedal height
  • The smell of something burning under your hood
  • If it only takes a small push on the pedal to disengage your clutch
  • If you change gears while driving from 3rd to 2nd and your RPMs don't increase

What Are the Basics Behind Clutch Repair?

Replacing the clutch in a vehicle is a complicated procedure that is typically best left to automotive professionals. Typical clutch repairs involve replacing clutch cables, pressure plates and friction discs. Clutch repairs involve the removal of your car's transmission and are done right by qualified technicians such as the ones at Alberta Transmission Service.

Why Should You Have Your Clutch Repaired or Replaced?

A worn out clutch can make your car almost unbearable to drive at times, with symptoms including slipping and shuddering. What's more, a clutch that needs to be replaced can put unnecessary wear and tear on other parts of your car, including your tires, brakes, and engine. While not the least inexpensive or quickest to perform, replacing your clutch can result in saving time and money in the long term. Contact us at Alberta Transmission Service for clutch repairs in Edmonton.

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