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Transmission Services for Asian and European Vehicles


We provide transmission repairs and rebuilds for imported Asian and European vehicles in Edmonton. 


Alberta Transmission Service has expertise in automatic and manual transmission repairs for import vehicles. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, professional transmission repair and rebuild services. Our team specializes in transmission repairs for import vehicles including European and Asian makes and models. We take the time to thoroughly inspect your car’s transmission before starting with the work and provide quality workmanship. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule your repair at our transmission shop in Edmonton. 

Transmission Repairs for European Vehicles

Rely on our experts to provide transmission repairs and rebuilds for popular models of European vehicles.

Mercedes Benz





Land Rover



Expert Transmission Rebuilds for European Vehicles

European vehicles are known for their class and luxury appeal. Repairing or rebuilding their transmission requires a specialized set of skills and experience. At Alberta Transmission Service our expert technicians specialize in European transmission repair for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and more. We undertake all our work in-house to maintain the standard and quality of our repairs from start to finish. We provide an accurate and honest diagnosis for the necessary repairs for your imported European vehicle’s transmission problems. 

Reach out to us if you notice any fault in your European car’s transmission. We will be happy to assist you!

Transmission Repairs for Asian Vehicles

We offer transmission repairs for popular models of Asian vehicles including:









Expert Transmission Rebuilds for Asian Vehicles

Asian car brands are leaders in vehicle sales in Canada. Brands such as Toyota and Honda are popular for their performance and long lifespan. At Alberta Transmission Service our expert technicians provide top-notch transmission repairs and rebuilds for imported Asian vehicles. 

We also provide trustworthy clutch rebuilds, transfer cases and differential repairs. Whether there is an emergency, or you need routine maintenance, schedule an appointment at Alberta Transmission Service in Edmonton for quality solutions. We look forward to resolving all your transmission issues!

Complete Transmission and Drivetrain Services 

Our wide range of transmission and drivetrain services in Edmonton include:

  • Transmission repairs and rebuilds– Count on us for automatic and manual transmission repair solutions. We also specialize in heavy-duty transmissions and Allison transmissions.

  • Clutch rebuilds– Does your vehicle have a faulty clutch? We offer dependable clutch repair and rebuild services in Edmonton.

  • Transfer cases – Trust our experienced technicians to provide the transfer case repairs you need.

  • Differential repairs – Alberta Transmission Service has the experience to troubleshoot your differential quickly and suggest any necessary repairs.

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