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Trust Us for All Your Transmission Problems

We offer both manual and automatic transmission repair services at competitive prices.

Trustworthy Differential Repairs in Edmonton

At Alberta Transmission Service, we have been providing services for differential repairs in Edmonton and Sherwood Park for over 25 years. Car and vehicle owners can trust us to diagnose and repair any issues with the rear and front differential in your car or truck quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with our team for expert repair work today!

What Types of Differentials Exist?


Different types of vehicles use various types of differentials, depending on what they are designed for. A typical family sedan, economy car or minivan likely has an open differential. If a vehicle is stuck in snow or mud, and one wheel spins freely while the other doesn't move, it likely has an open differential.



  • Off-road vehicles and pickup trucks often have locking differentials. Locking differentials ensure the same torque and speed to both drive wheels.

  • Limited-slip differentials are a hybrid of open and locking differentials. They function as an open differential most of the time. And when wheel slip occurs, they then automatically operate as a locking differential. Limited-slip differentials are typically found in sports cars.

  • Electronically controlled limited-slip differentials are typically found in Corvettes, Ferraris and Cadillacs. These differentials are controlled by a sophisticated computer and adjusted hundreds of times per second to control oversteer and stabilize your vehicle.

Signs Your Differential May Be Damaged

The most common sign of a failing differential is a whirring noise. If your vehicle is making any strange noises, get it checked immediately. Other signs could include difficulty steering, leaking differential oil, or feeling vibrations while driving. 


How to Maintain Your A Differential

Since differentials are so important they must be well-maintained at all times. Differentials are built to be tough, strong, and durable; they don't deteriorate that quickly.

Nonetheless, you must keep your differential in good working order. To maintain them, ensure you follow manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules – usually by replacing differential fluid as it ages. It prevents the differential from being subjected to unwanted wear and tear while preventing excess strain and damage.

What Are Car Rear Differentials? How Do Differentials Work?

In simplest terms, a car's rear differential is a set of gears that transfers the power of your car's engine to its wheels. Differentials ensure that your wheels are travelling at the correct speed and that your vehicle maintains traction, not only while travelling in a straight line but also while navigating corners. Please read our blog for more tips and helpful information.

Why Are Car Differentials Important?

Differentials are a crucial component of your car for multiple reasons.


The differential forms part of the drivetrain that transferring power from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. If your differential fails, you can experience a loss of power.


Differentials compensate for the difference in turning distance by inner and outer wheels as a vehicle corners. When a differential fails, this can make the vehicle handle poorly in turning situations.

Why Visit Us for Your Differential Repair Services?

Unlike the answer to how some differentials function, the answer to this question is simple. You should visit Alberta Transmission Service for your differential repair services because our highly skilled technicians have the experience to quickly troubleshoot your differential and recommend any necessary repairs. What's more, we always provide service with a smile and offer some of the most competitive rates available for repairs to rear differentials in Sherwood Park. Contact us today or drop by our shop on 149 St. NW in Edmonton if you need differential maintenance or repairs.

Trust Us for All Your Transmission Problems

We offer both manual and automatic transmission repair services at competitive prices.

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