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Trusted CVT Transmission Repair in Edmonton


We are here to solve and repair any CVT transmission repair you need in Edmonton and the surrounding area. 


The transmission provides speed to your vehicle; hence, any wear and tear can make you waste much of your time. Your standard automatic transmission uses a combination of gears to transfer the engine’s power to the wheels. 

CVT is a type of automatic transmission with no gears but instead uses a pulley and belt system to give you a range of gear ratios. Considering how extensive this task could be, you should select a company with skilled professionals to take care of it. To ensure your vehicle gets repaired quickly, you can rely on Alberta Transmission Service for quality CVT transmission repair in Edmonton. Call us for a free diagnosis of your vehicle’s transmission. You can make an appointment with us or simply walk in.

Common Problems With CVT

Many car makers are introducing CVTs to their car models to provide customers with improved acceleration and fuel economy. Being this new to the market means only a few skilled technicians have the required know-how to diagnose and repair. While it improves acceleration, here are the common problems with CVT:


  • When the car shifts gears during acceleration, you will come across jerking, slipping, etc.

  • While driving, you hear noises such as whining, clunking or rattling.

  • Overheating or contaminated transmission fluid.


If you encounter any of these issues with your vehicle, get your CVT transmission checked with our free diagnostic services by contacting us. Our experts will identify any problem you might face and provide different repair options. This will help you save costs as these issues only require minor repairs.

Our CVT Transmission Services

Discover seamless CVT transmission services at Alberta Transmission Service. As experts in repairing and rebuilding CVT transmissions in Edmonton, we ensure your vehicle's optimal performance. Our skilled professionals address common CVT issues, such as jerking during acceleration, unusual noises, or overheating, through free diagnostics. 

Benefit from our 25 years of experience! Our locally owned and operated shop offers personalized solutions backed by quality workmanship. We use high-quality products with warranties to guarantee the best results. Schedule your free diagnostic today and entrust your CVT transmission repair to us for efficient and reliable service.

Experience Workmanship With Us

We are a locally owned and operated shop in Edmonton providing CVT Transmission. When you first visit us, we will make a free diagnosis of your vehicle and develop a personalized solution afterward. You might think you are qualified to repair on your own, but there are many reasons why you should call a professional transmission shop in Edmonton for CVT transmission.


Whether you require a small or big repair, our skilled professionals will make a detailed diagnosis and convey the same to you. We are proud of our quality workmanship, which uses high-quality products from different places to give you the best results. 


We have efficiently evaluated vehicles for 25 years to provide free computerized diagnostics.

Explore our services.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • What Is A Heavy-Duty Transmission?
    A heavy-duty transmission is a robust and durable component designed to handle heavy-duty vehicles' power and torque demands such as trucks, buses, trailers, and motorhomes. It ensures the efficient transfer of power from the engine to the wheels, which is crucial for the smooth functioning of these vehicles.
  • How Do I Know If My Heavy-Duty Transmission Needs Repair?
    Look for warning signs such as grinding gears, difficulty shifting, slipping out of gear, bucking, excessive noise, dragging clutch, or a burning smell. If you experience any of these, it's time to contact Alberta Transmission Service for expert assistance.
  • Why Is a Heavy-Duty Transmission Essential For My Vehicle?
    A heavy-duty transmission is crucial for vehicles as it ensures that the right amount of torque and power is delivered to the wheels at the right time. This contributes to your heavy-duty truck or trailer's smooth functioning, performance, and fuel efficiency.
  • Why Should I Choose Alberta Transmission Service for Heavy-Duty Transmission Services?
    Alberta Transmission Service stands out with an experienced crew, quick troubleshooting, the use of high-quality components, and expertise in handling both automatic and manual transmissions. Our reliable heavy-duty transmission rebuilds ensure lasting performance.
  • What Signs Indicate a Faulty Heavy-Duty Transmission?
    Warning signs include grinding gears, difficulty shifting, slipping out of gear, bucking, excessive noise, dragging clutch, or a burning smell. If you notice any of these, it's advisable to consult the experts at Alberta Transmission Service for a thorough inspection.
  • How Long Does a Heavy-Duty Transmission Rebuild Take?
    The duration of a heavy-duty transmission rebuild can vary based on the amount of damage and the specific requirements. Alberta Transmission Service prioritizes efficiency, striving to complete rebuilds promptly without compromising quality.
  • Can Alberta Transmission Service Handle Both Automatic and Manual Heavy-Duty Transmissions?
    Alberta Transmission Service has expertise in handling both automatic and manual heavy-duty transmissions. Our skilled team of mechanics is well-equipped to address the unique requirements of each transmission type.
  • What Sets Alberta Transmission Service Apart from Other Providers In Edmonton?
    Alberta Transmission Service distinguishes itself through its experienced crew, quick troubleshooting, use of high-quality components, and expertise in automatic and manual heavy-duty transmissions. Our commitment to reliability and long-lasting performance makes us a trusted choice for heavy-duty transmission services in Edmonton.

Expert CVT Transmission Repair


Schedule a free diagnostic in Edmonton for your CVT transmission repair. Quality workmanship, 25 years of experience, and warranties on products and services.

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