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Edmonton’s Choice for Expert Auto Repairs

We offer professional auto repair services at competitive prices.

Reliable Auto Repair in Edmonton

Do you need  auto repair service provider in Edmonton, your search ends right here! At Alberta Transmission Service, we can provide you with a prompt and efficient repair job for any type of automotive problem in your vehicle. For over 30 years, we’ve helped drivers stay safe on the road by providing efficient and knowledgeable auto repair services at competitive prices. Over the years, our technicians have acquired considerable experience in performing all kinds of auto repair in Edmonton. Whether you need an engine tune-up, troubleshooting or extensive brake work done, you can depend on us for sound auto advice on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles, as well as our exceptional customer service. Get in touch with us today for expert auto repairs in Edmonton.


Providing Cost-Effective Auto Repair in Edmonton

Our mechanics and technicians can provide you with an honest cost assessment after inspecting the fault closely. You can rest assured that the auto repair mechanics at Alberta Transmission Service can provide complete repair services promptly and without any unwarranted delays. We offer both manual and automatic transmission repair services at competitive prices. Schedule an appointment for comprehensive auto repair services in Edmonton.


A Wide Range of Auto Repair Services


At Alberta Transmission Service, we can provide you with a spectrum of auto repair services in Edmonton, ranging from engine service to brake jobs. Our skilled mechanics use the latest automotive repair technology and diagnostic tools available to offer you a complete array of auto repair and brake repair services, including:

Clutch Repairs

Your clutch connects your vehicle’s engine to the wheels. It allows your spinning engine to disconnect from the wheels so that your vehicle is able to stop without completely killing your engine. Naturally, your clutch is likely to wear out over time and may require repair and/or replacement. We make your vehicle’s clutch repair a much simpler fix by offering expert solutions on time and within your budget.

Brake Work

Your vehicle’s brakes allow you to be able to stop the vehicle in the shortest, safest distance possible. Over time, your brakes, along with their brake pads, rotors and hydraulic systems, may need repair work done. When your brakes give out, it’s a serious safety issue that you can’t afford to ignore. Trust your brake repairs in Edmonton to our experts!

Engine Tune-Ups

You’ve probably heard the old proverb, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Getting a tune-up is preventive work you can do for your vehicle to help you avoid future problems. A tune-up can help you increase your vehicle’s life, as well as help you maximize its overall mileage and power. During a tune-up, our mechanics will check and replace your fuel filters, spark plugs, gaskets, oil and filter and top off all of your fluid levels.

Engine Light Checks

Has your “check engine” light been on for weeks? This could indicate any number of things, including your oxygen sensor, catalytic converter or spark plugs need replacing. If you ignore your “check engine” light for too long, a simple fix or replacement can turn into a far greater issue over time. It’s better to be safe than sorry – bring your vehicle into our shop and we’ll run diagnostics on it to help you determine the problem.

Belt/Hose Inspections

Your vehicle’s belts help your engine to run smoothly by helping in evenly dispersing the power throughout your vehicle, while your hoses transport fluids throughout your vehicle in order to power it. When you have a leak, your engine can overheat and/or stop working altogether. We provide belt/hose inspections as part of our routine vehicle maintenance packages to ensure everything’s running as it should be. Remember, checking those belts and hoses now could save you a costly headache further down the road.

Exhaust System Troubleshooting

Your vehicle’s exhaust system not only reduces noises that happen during the fuel combustion process, but it also helps to direct exhaust fumes from your engine to the vehicle’s rear while reducing the amount of toxic chemicals in those fumes or emissions. When your exhaust system isn’t functioning properly, it’s harder for your vehicle to maintain its fuel efficiency and engine performance. It also makes your vehicle noisier and emits more harmful chemicals into the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your vehicle’s efficiency by letting us troubleshoot your exhaust system issues.

Cooling and Heating Services

Nobody wants to own a vehicle that doesn’t have working heat during the frosty winter months or air conditioning during the sweltering summer months. Not only are your heating and cooling systems central to your comfort levels, but they’re also central to your vehicle’s overall performance. If you suspect a problem with either your vehicle’s heating or cooling system, we’d be more than happy to inspect your systems and offer expert repair and/or replacement services.

Work on All Makes and Models

Whether you need a clutch repair or engine tune-up, our mechanics can repair a wide variety of vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers, including:

We also work on heavy-duty vehicles from:

Honest and Affordable Auto Repairs in Edmonton

No matter what kind of brake or auto repairs your vehicle needs in Edmonton, you can expect honest, affordable service from the reliable Alberta Transmission Service team. Locally owned and operated for 25 years, we offer well-qualified, experienced technicians to efficiently evaluate your vehicle using our computerized diagnostics to determine the exact cause of your problem and the estimated cost for an appropriate solution before we begin any necessary repair work. We also carry excellent warranties to guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule service for your vehicle!

Your Trusted Provider of Auto Repair Services in Edmonton

Our technicians can perform a comprehensive repair job for all kinds of faults in your vehicle after carrying out a thorough assessment of the problem.

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