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Trust Us for All Your Transmission Problems

We offer both manual and automatic transmission repair services at competitive prices.

Allison Transmission Parts and Rebuilds in Edmonton


Alberta Transmission Service offers expert services for Allison Transmission in Edmonton. Allison Transmission has been a trusted name for over 100 years, providing innovative solutions and quality products for commercial heavy-duty vehicle owners. Our mechanics are experienced in working on all transmission repairs and rebuilds.


We understand that your commercial heavy-duty vehicle is a significant investment, and it deserves the attention of experts. We take pride in providing dependable services for Allison Transmission in Edmonton. 

If you want services for Allison transmissions, parts and rebuilds in Edmonton, call us now!

Experts in Allison Transmission Rebuild in Edmonton

Our mechanics can provide full service and repair for Allison transmission parts and offer extraordinary customer service. Whether you need repair for your Allison transmission or want to replace a part, we are here to provide authentic components.


Alberta Transmission Service can rebuild Allison transmissions to improve your vehicle's transmission performance or extend life. We understand that your heavy-duty vehicle runs the show, and nothing other than the original component can bring it back to the highway with high performance. Our inventory is stocked with original Allison components so that there is no delay in serving you.

Advantages of Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission designs products that consider all sectors' needs. Allison makes transmissions for heavy-duty vehicles, from agriculture to schools, port services, and more. Their transmissions are designed and engineered to ensure your vehicle is productive and high-performing.

At Alberta Transmission Service, we understand how important it is to keep your vehicles on the road. Therefore, we believe in only the best to serve you. Whether you need our services for repair, rebuilding or quick troubleshooting, our professional and courteous staff is here to serve all your transmission needs.


The following are some commonly asked questions about our services for Allison Transmission in Edmonton:

  • What Is A Heavy-Duty Transmission?
    A heavy-duty transmission is a robust and durable component designed to handle heavy-duty vehicles' power and torque demands such as trucks, buses, trailers, and motorhomes. It ensures the efficient transfer of power from the engine to the wheels, which is crucial for the smooth functioning of these vehicles.
  • How Do I Know If My Heavy-Duty Transmission Needs Repair?
    Look for warning signs such as grinding gears, difficulty shifting, slipping out of gear, bucking, excessive noise, dragging clutch, or a burning smell. If you experience any of these, it's time to contact Alberta Transmission Service for expert assistance.
  • Why Is a Heavy-Duty Transmission Essential For My Vehicle?
    A heavy-duty transmission is crucial for vehicles as it ensures that the right amount of torque and power is delivered to the wheels at the right time. This contributes to your heavy-duty truck or trailer's smooth functioning, performance, and fuel efficiency.
  • Why Should I Choose Alberta Transmission Service for Heavy-Duty Transmission Services?
    Alberta Transmission Service stands out with an experienced crew, quick troubleshooting, the use of high-quality components, and expertise in handling both automatic and manual transmissions. Our reliable heavy-duty transmission rebuilds ensure lasting performance.
  • What Signs Indicate a Faulty Heavy-Duty Transmission?
    Warning signs include grinding gears, difficulty shifting, slipping out of gear, bucking, excessive noise, dragging clutch, or a burning smell. If you notice any of these, it's advisable to consult the experts at Alberta Transmission Service for a thorough inspection.
  • How Long Does a Heavy-Duty Transmission Rebuild Take?
    The duration of a heavy-duty transmission rebuild can vary based on the amount of damage and the specific requirements. Alberta Transmission Service prioritizes efficiency, striving to complete rebuilds promptly without compromising quality.
  • Can Alberta Transmission Service Handle Both Automatic and Manual Heavy-Duty Transmissions?
    Alberta Transmission Service has expertise in handling both automatic and manual heavy-duty transmissions. Our skilled team of mechanics is well-equipped to address the unique requirements of each transmission type.
  • What Sets Alberta Transmission Service Apart from Other Providers In Edmonton?
    Alberta Transmission Service distinguishes itself through its experienced crew, quick troubleshooting, use of high-quality components, and expertise in automatic and manual heavy-duty transmissions. Our commitment to reliability and long-lasting performance makes us a trusted choice for heavy-duty transmission services in Edmonton.

Do you have any more questions about our services for Allison Transmission in Edmonton? Please contact us. You can also consult our blog for more information. 

Why Choose Alberta Transmission Service in Edmonton?

Alberta Transmission Service believes in providing the best in service for our customers. That is why we offer a full range of transmission services in Edmonton. Our mechanics are trained to complete each task with attention to detail so that you get maximum productivity from your heavy-duty commercial vehicle. There are many reasons to choose Alberta Transmission Service, including:


  • Quality products from trusted manufacturers

  • Quick repairs

  • Reliable rebuilds

  • Trained staff

  • And more


We owe our success to our honest and reliable services. If you are looking for an experienced company to take care of your vehicle’s transmissions, contact Alberta Transmission Service today!

Rebuild Your Transmission

Expert transmission rebuild and repair services in Edmonton.

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