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Trust Us for All Your Transmission Problems

We offer both manual and automatic transmission repair services at competitive prices.

High-Quality Transmission Rebuilds in Edmonton

Regardless of how well you have maintained your vehicle, it is going to need transmission service eventually. Alberta Transmission Service provides comprehensive transmission rebuilds in Edmonton. We can help you decide if your transmission needs a repair or a complete rebuild.


What Is Transmission Rebuilding?

You may be asking yourself what a transmission rebuild is, and for good reason—it’s not an everyday repair and is only done after a transmission has become worn down. So, what exactly is a transmission rebuild? Simply put, it’s the process of replacing the worn down, overused key parts of the transmission rather than replacing the unit entirely. When you choose Alberta Transmission Service, you can rest assured that we have a team of expert transmission technicians who will have your unit rebuilt in no time.


When Is Transmission Rebuilding Required?

Usually, when there is an electrical problem with the transmission of your car, it can be repaired without having to remove it from your car. This helps you save considerable time and money. However, if the transmission has already suffered substantial damage, it may need a thorough repair job or even a replacement. Our technician starts with a comprehensive assessment of the problem and provide you with options.

Depending upon the type of fault in your transmission or the cause of the problem, you can make an informed decision on the best possible course of action, with our help.

Our Rebuilding Process

Alberta Transmission Service’s transmission rebuilds involve a few specific steps, including:

  • Inspection – The first step of the rebuilding process is a comprehensive inspection of your transmission. A technician will carefully look over each of the various parts of your transmission to determine whether each one needs to be replaced, repaired or if it’s still in good shape. Even if you’ve done a good job of properly maintaining your vehicle and the transmission, there’s a likelihood that many of the parts will need to be replaced simply due to wear and tear.

  • Replacement of parts – The next step is laying out a comprehensive list of which parts need to be replaced. Prior to any replacements, we will consult with you to provide an estimate of the cost of those parts. Our technicians will be able to recommend whether they believe a reconditioned/refurbished part or a new part will be appropriate for each element of the transmission.

  • Test run – Once the parts have been successfully replaced and your transmission is ready to go, we will run your vehicle to ensure that the unit is running smoothly and there are no hitches or other issues. We take tremendous pride in getting the job done right the first time, and that’s why we are adamant about a test run prior to sending you on your way.

Benefits of Transmission Rebuilds

When you’re considering having your transmission rebuilt, it’s important to keep in mind what the benefits of doing so are:

  • Cost savings – Without a doubt, the single most significant benefit of a rebuild is the cost comparison to that of entirely replacing your transmission. Ideally, a rebuild will be, at most, half the cost of replacement. That in itself makes a rebuild worth your mone

  • Time savings – The process of rebuilding a transmission usually takes around three to four days to complete in our shop. On the other hand, a transmission replacement could very well leave you without a car for a week or more.

Cost of Repairs

It is natural to be thinking about what your transmission rebuilds in Edmonton are going to cost you. The cost involved to rebuild your vehicle’s transmission is going to depend on several things. Make and model of your vehicle and transmission, and the extent of the damage are the primary differentiators in price. Our experts can provide you with a transparent and honest cost estimate after a thorough assessment. Call Alberta Transmission Service today to schedule an appointment with any of our expert technicians.

Visit Us for Transmission Rebuilds Today

When it’s time to rebuild your transmission, trust our expert technicians to rebuild your transmission to its former glory. We also offer manual and automatic transmission repair services. Contact us today to schedule your service!

Trusted Transmission Rebuilds in Edmonton

Our technicians conduct a thorough assessment and advise you on the best repair option for your vehicle’s transmission.

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