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transfer case

Do you know how to identify a faulty transfer case? If you're scratching your head, then probably not. But when you suddenly stop being able to smoothly switch gears in your vehicle, then what do you do?|| Whether you think you might have a faulty transfer case or just want to be prepared for when you do, we've got the advice for you! Read on to learn more!

What Is a Transfer Case?

First, before we diagnose a faulty one, let's define what a transfer case is. A transfer case is the system that transfers power from the transmission to the axles in 4-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, and other multi-powered vehicles via drive shafts. These systems allow drivers to handle different driving conditions or use cases, such as hauling loads or driving on ice or off-road. As such, it is critical the transfer case works smoothly. Any of the problems below could indicate a bad transfer case and mean you should take your vehicle to the shop right away.

  1. Difficulty Changing Gears If it suddenly becomes difficult for the transfer case to change gears between driving modes, you might have a faulty transfer case. Fluids within the transfer case ease the shifting between gears. Because of this, problems can arise if the seal keeping the fluid contained is broken. It will then become harder for the system to shift gears. Another symptom of fluid leakage is a pool of fluid under your vehicle where the transfer case is located. If this happens, call an auto shop immediately. This means a seal has failed and the transfer case is at risk of completely failing while driving.

  2. Unusual Noises Unusual noises coming from the front or underside of your vehicle – especially when 4WD or ADW is activated – also indicate a transfer case in need of repair. These noises include clicking or grinding. If you hear any of these, make sure to get your car checked.

  3. Vehicle Switching In And Out Of 4-Wheel Drive When your transfer case goes bad, your car might jump in and out of 4-wheel drive on its own. This indicates an inability to stay in a drive mode which can damage the transfer case, other systems on the vehicle, or cause an unsafe driving situation. If you are experiencing this in your vehicle, it's time to take it in for servicing.

Get Service In Edmonton

Do you suspect your transfer case may need to be repaired? Then it's time to bring it in for service. For 28 years, Alberta Transmission Service has provided top-quality drivetrain repairs. We pride ourselves on our no cost, accurate diagnoses and our care for every single vehicle that comes through our shop. We do everything from fixing transfer cases to manual and automatic transmission repair. No matter what your concern is, contact us today to schedule a service!


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