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Trust Us for Hino Truck Transmission Repairs

Alberta Transmission Service specializes in Hino truck transmission services in Edmonton.


Hino truck transmissions can become damaged over time due to constant pressure or load. Although Hino trucks have efficient transmission systems, they experience significant wear and tear due to regular use. At Alberta Transmission Service, we are the go-to Hino transmission repair and rebuild shop in Edmonton. We make Hino repairs cost-effective and provide transparent solutions. If your Hino transmission breaks down, contact us to schedule a repair appointment

Hino Transmission Repair and Rebuild Process

If your Hino truck’s transmission suddenly fails in the middle of the road, we can tow your truck or schedule your truck appointment. Our expert technicians will diagnose and repair or rebuild the transmission. Either way, you and your Hino truck should quickly be back on the road with proper Hino transmission service.

What Is a Hino Truck?

Hino trucks are light and medium-duty commercial trucks manufactured by Hino Motors, a member of the Toyota group. They reflect Toyota’s superior engineering, design excellence and social responsibility. As the fastest-growing medium-duty truck company in America, Hino trucks are used as box trucks for medium hauling with their integrated trailer bed. 

Hino trucks have specialized transmission systems that require specific skills and knowledge to repair or rebuild. If you experience unusual noises or foul smells emitting from your Hino truck’s transmission, bring it to us for an inspection. We will repair or rebuild the transmission accurately and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Why Choose Alberta Transmission Service?

Our technicians are adept with Hino truck transmission repair and rebuild services. Our team receives adequate training, ensuring they are up-to-date on the latest technology and industry-standard repair practices. We also prioritize keeping you informed through every stage of the repair process until you are safely back on the road in your Hino truck. More reasons to choose us include:

Quick repairs

Trusted rebuilds

Trained staff

State-of-the-art equipment and tools

And more

If you operate a Hino truck in Edmonton, Alberta Transmission Service can help you with experienced and expert transmission repairs. Please call us for more information or to request a service.

Comprehensive Transmission Services

We provide a comprehensive range of transmission and drivetrain services for Hino transmissions and commercial trucks in Edmonton:

  • Clutch rebuilds– We can identify problems in the clutches of all vehicles and repair them accordingly. 

  • Transfer cases – Is your vehicle’s transfer case faulty or in the process of failing? Rely on Alberta Transmission Service for quality repairs.

  • Differential repairs – We can diagnose and solve issues with the rear and front differential in your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Book Hino Truck Transmission and Drivetrain Repairs

Trust Alberta Transmission Service for solutions to all your Hino truck transmission problems.

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