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transfer case repair

Did you know that the average price to replace a transfer case is in the range of $2,500 to $3,500? Depending on your location, these costs may even be more! With such high prices on replacement parts and transmission repairs, more and more people are having these items overhauled to save money and improve on the existing design as well. Are you looking for some insight on how a faulty transfer case can cause more damage and ruin your transmission? Keep reading below to learn how this can happen so to that you are prepared for your own transmission!

What Is the Significance of a Transfer Case?

The transfer case receives power from your transmission and distributes this power evenly to either your front axle alone or to your rear axle as well. There are several ways how this is done, but the most common is through a series of gears or hydraulics, or they can sometimes be chain-driven depending on the machine's purpose. The transmission receives power from the engine and through gears transmits this power to the transfer case. As you can see, both parts are linked, and continuous strain or a faulty, but not failed, part on either one can cause the other to become faulty as well in the long run.

Signs You Have a Faulty Transfer Case

Transfer case problems usually stem from a lack of maintenance of the vehicle. This would include things like not changing the transmission oil at the prescribed periods, but like most moving machinery parts, the gears within a transfer case will eventually wear and have to be replaced. Most signs that a transfer case is going faulty are hard to pick up early without a properly trained ear. There are, however, telltale signs that you might have something going wrong, like having trouble shifting gears. If you at any point have trouble shifting gears, we recommend that you take your vehicle into an automotive shop as soon as possible to limit the damage. What are the other symptoms that will give a good indication that your transfer case is on its last legs? Look out for:

  • Unusual and strange grinding noises

  • Erratic four-wheel-drive performance

  • Laboured performance

  • The vehicle doesn't stay in 4WD

With that being said, if unchecked, this will put added strain on the gearbox, and over time, your transmission will fail or the gears inside will prematurely wear.

Resolve the Problem With Transfer Case Repairs

Problems with your vehicle are typically not going to go away by themselves, so it's important to act fast before things get worse! The longer the problem goes unchecked, the more damage you will cause and the higher the transmission repairs bill will be. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms above? If you need a transfer case repair, schedule a repair at Alberta Transmission Service in Edmonton today!


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