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transmission rebuild

Spotting transmission issues in your car has become more difficult over the years with the advancement of vehicle technology. By the time you realize something's wrong, you'll likely need to rebuild or replace your car's transmission. Deciding whether to rebuild or replace can be tricky. Both options have their pros and cons, so what option is best for you? If you're trying to decide between transmission replacements or transmission rebuilds Edmonton residents can benefit from, keep reading. We'll give you the low down on both repairs and rebuilds so you can choose what's best for you.

Transmission Rebuilds Edmonton First, let's go over what transmission rebuilds entail. A transmission rebuild is just another way to say transmission repair. Edmonton drivers can benefit from a transmission rebuild by replacing only the parts of the transmission that failed. This saves money and labour by avoiding changing more than necessary to prevent further complications. How long does it take to rebuild a transmission? It depends on what's wrong with your transmission, as well as what parts the transmission repair shops in your area have handy. Typically, a transmission rebuild takes between two to four days, depending on parts availability and complexity of the model of vehicle and transmission. Transmission Replacements Now we can talk about what it means to replace your transmission. It's pretty self-explanatory. When you get your vehicle's transmission replaced, the auto shop will first take out your old transmission. They'll replace that transmission with a new one, and then you're good to go. Replacing a transmission takes about the same amount of time as a repair, depending on the availability of parts and the vehicle. Should You Rebuild or Replace? Deciding between auto transmission repair and replacement can be tricky. If your car's transmission problems have gone on for too long without intervention, or there are too many parts that have failed, you might need to get the entire transmission replaced. New transmissions can be very costly, and although recycled transmissions from auto wreckers and recyclers can bring that cost down, they often come with limited or no warranty. If only a few parts on your transmission aren't working, you can probably get it rebuilt. A transmission repair is often below $3,000 vs $7,000 or more for a new one; however, it can often be even cheaper. Of course, the transmission rebuild cost will vary depending on what transmission service shop you choose to go to. In the end, getting your transmission replaced is usually a last resort. If you catch your transmission problems early enough, you should be able to get a transmission rebuild, which will save you money and time. Drive On Now you know the difference between transmission replacement and transmission rebuilds Edmonton drivers can choose from. It's time to take your car to the shop and either get your rebuild or replacement today. Alberta Transmission Service has been helping drivers stay safe on the road for over 25 years. Give us a call or email us, and we'll be happy to help you get your car working like it's new again.


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