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Top tips for extending the lifespan of your vehicle's transmission

The transmission is your vehicle's heartbeat, vitally ensuring smooth rides and seamless gear changes. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or an everyday driver, understanding how to care for your transmission can save you from costly repairs and keep your wheels spinning happily.


At Alberta Transmission Service, we’re passionate about keeping your gears in sync and your wheels rolling. From transmission repair in Edmonton to preventive maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Buckle up because we’re about to shift into high gear!

Vehicle's manual transmission

Fluid Check, The Lifeblood of Your Transmission

Imagine your transmission as a finely tuned orchestra and the transmission fluid as its harmonious conductor. Regularly checking and changing the transmission fluid is like giving your car a soothing symphony. Low fluid levels or dirty fluid can lead to friction, overheating, and premature wear. So, don’t let your transmission play a sour note and keep the fluid fresh and flowing!


Shift Smoothly, Drive Happily

Smooth gear shifts are crucial for your transmission's health. Jerky transitions can cause damage to its delicate components, especially during acceleration or deceleration. So, shift gears gracefully and avoid any abrupt movements.


Cool It Down

Your transmission isn’t a fan of high temperatures. Excessive heat can cause damage faster than a turbocharged engine. Keep your transmission cool by ensuring proper fluid levels, maintaining a healthy radiator, and avoiding heavy loads during scorching summers. Remember, a cool transmission is a happy transmission!


Clutch Courtesy: Manual Transmission TLC

For our manual transmission friends, treat your clutch with kindness. Avoid riding the clutch pedal or resting your foot on it while driving. Let it breathe! A well-treated clutch with smoother gear changes and a longer lifespan will thank you.


Visit Your Transmission Doctor

Don’t wait for warning lights to flash like paparazzi cameras. Regular check-ups with a transmission specialist are essential. They’ll diagnose any issues early, preventing minor hiccups from turning into major breakdowns.


Downshift Like a Pro

When climbing hills, downshift like a seasoned mountaineer. Downshifting reduces strain on your transmission, preventing it from gasping for air like a marathon runner. So, next time you ascend a slope, downshift, and conquer that hill with finesse.


Weight Watchers: Lighten the Load

Your transmission isn’t a weightlifter. Avoid overloading your vehicle, especially if you’re hauling heavy cargo. Excessive weight puts stress on the transmission, leading to premature wear. So, declutter that trunk and let your transmission breathe easy.


Maintain Consistent Speeds

Consistency is key. Remember, it's important to maintain consistent speeds to reduce strain on your transmission. Abrupt acceleration and sudden stops can cause damage.


Warm-Up Before Long Trips

Before taking a long journey, allow your transmission to warm up by idling for a few minutes. This can prevent cold-start shocks and ensure a smooth ride.


SOS Signals

Listen for unusual sounds from your vehicle, such as clunks, whines, or hums. They could be signs of a faulty transmission. Call Alberta Transmission Service for help! Our technicians will keep your gears grooving and your wheels spinning smoothly!




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