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The average age of a Canadian vehicle is almost ten years, according to the Canadian Automobile Association. And with age comes problems. Do you know what to look for should there be failing transmission symptoms?

Signs of transmission problems include the dashboard check engine light, issues with the gears, and fluid leaks. Getting to a mechanic is important if you have any of these failing transmission symptoms.

Here's more on the common signs of transmission problems and how to address each issue.

Check Engine Light

An illuminated check engine light is one of the most commonly ignored car problems, according to a recent survey! The check engine light can detect several problems, including a bad automatic transmission.

You can purchase a tool to plug into your car to read the error code. The equipment will tell you immediately if you have a bad automatic transmission.

However, it's best to get to a car care service center to identify the problem and get it fixed.

Gear Issues

Does your car make an odd sound when you shift gears? Does your car slip out of gear while travelling? These signs might mean you should consider replacing a transmission.

It might slip out of gear while going up a hill. You might also notice you'll need repairs for transmissions if the RPMs are above 3,500.

Moreover, you should not drive your car if the gears slip on your car. Replacing a transmission might be the only fix.

Fluid Leaks

If you see red or brown liquid underneath your parked car, it's likely a sign you'll need repairs for transmissions. Transmission fluid is necessary for your car to change gears.

Let your mechanic know your transmission is leaking fluid. They will inspect your transmission and let you know how to fix it.

Failing to fix the issue could cause further damage should you decide to ignore the problem.


The smell of burning transmission fluid means it is overheating. Get to a mechanic right away.

The burning transmission fluid and overheating could also mean it's low on fluid or dirty. Furthermore, consider changing the fluid altogether.


Sometimes, you only know a problem when you hear it as you drive. A clunking or humming noise could be a sign there's a transmission problem.

There could be 'excessive air' in the transmission lines, too.

If the noise sounds mechanical, it's almost a sure bet that transmission is the culprit.

Signs of Transmission Problems

Signs of transmission problems include a check engine light, gear issues, and fluid leaks. Smells and noises could also signal an issue with your transmission.

Why trust anyone else with your car? Our experts at Alberta Transmission Service will examine your vehicle and determine the best fix in the future.

We will give you peace of mind about your car's transmission and ensure the best price with the best service.


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