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Your vehicle has a transmission system to transfer power from the engine to the drive shaft. It helps to control the torque, speed and direction of the vehicle. The transmission system can be manual or automatic. The driver uses paddles on the steering wheel or the gear lever to switch gears in manual mode. In an automated system, the clutch is electronically controlled. It consumes low fuel consumption and switching time is less. Alberta Transmission Service offers low-cost transmissions and automotive repair services.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Transmission in Best Shape Transmission problems mostly result in expensive repairs. You can take certain precautionary measures to avoid them and also in the process extend the life of your transmission. Here are some steps you can take: Check Transmission Fluid Levels Regularly – Transmission fluid should be checked and changed regularly. Low fluid levels can cause excessive wear and tear on the machine parts. The transmission may get heated and eventually fail. • Change Transmission Filters - The buildup of sludge or grime in the transmission fluid can create undue stress on the filter. The filter should also be changed regularly for a low-cost transmission repair services. • Invest in a Transmission Cooler – Heated transmission is a major problem. The seals, metal surfaces and the electronic components can get damaged. A cooler dramatically lowers the temperatures in the gearbox which helps the transmission to last two or three times longer. • Fix Problems Immediately – Problems with your vehicle’s transmission may start out small and may seem insignificant. If you keep ignoring it, it may soon evolve into a major one. Keep an eye for certain symptoms like strange noises from the engine, burning smell, gear grinding and slippage and always get them checked out. • Watch the Way You Drive – Fast starts and fast stops is not a good style of driving. It takes a toll on the transmission. Constantly accelerating and decelerating is also not good. Adopt an even speed to avoid useless wear and tear on the transmission. • Get Your Car Serviced – Go for car servicing regularly or as the product manual states. It helps in maintaining maintenance and upkeep. You can identify damages or minor faults with the system and get them rectified. To learn more about transmission repair, read our blog – ‘Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair.’ Contact us today for a wide range of low-cost transmissions and automotive repair services like transmission work, rebuilds, differential repairs or fleet services.


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