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fleet repair

Routine and consistent maintenance will help your fleet vehicles to remain in excellent running condition. Fleet maintenance is crucial for your business to run smoothly. Regular inspections of fleet vehicles will help you avoid problems related to drivetrain, including grumbling and squeaking noises from the engine. The drivetrain system is quite complex in automatic vehicles that have transmission, clutch and propeller shaft. It is necessary to keep your fleet vehicle and drivetrain in good condition to avoid major repairs. Rely on Alberta Transmission Service for reliable fleet repair services throughout Edmonton. We offer a wide array of fleet maintenance programs, including transmission and repair services for all sizes of fleet businesses.

Reasons It Is Important To Maintain Fleet Vehicle Drivetrain Managing a fleet of vehicles is tricky as you need to keep track of each vehicle to understand if it is in a proper working condition. Some benefits of maintaining your fleet vehicles along with its drivetrain are: 1. Lower Repair Costs Preventive maintenance will help your fleet detect problems sooner and reduce the overall costs of extensive repair. Have a look at the issues that indicate your fleet needs maintenance: · Inspect the headlights and windshields · Rust can damage vehicle integrity · Worn out brakes can lead to safety issues · A fuel leak can damage the engine and transmission. Check for metallic smell and grey smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe · Check for transmission issues for randomly changing gears · If you hear a rumbling sound every time you accelerate, check if drivetrain and carrier bearings are faulty · If you notice clunking noises than driveshaft joints are the problem · Drivetrain overloading can also cause howling sounds from your vehicle 2. Minimize Drivetrain Repairs Keeping all the drivetrain components, such as gears, joints, and bearing lubricated, can extend the life of the drivetrain system. Modern systems consist of sensors and controllers that might need timely replacement. A diagnostic scan will let you know whether drivetrain components need replacement. While looking at the gearbox, check for the gasket condition to ensure the differential does not leak. 3. Lower Fuel Costs Routine maintenance such as checking the exhaust systems, tire pressure, oil and filters will improve your fleet’s mileage and thereby lower fuel costs. Contaminated motor oil can reduce the vehicle’s mileage and overall performance of the vehicle. The tires should always be inflated to the proper pressure as under-inflated tires lead to more fuel consumption and reduced mileage. 4. Improve Safety Well-maintained fleet vehicles are often safe. Regular inspection of vehicles will resolve problems before they cause any inconvenience. With proper maintenance, your fleet vehicles are always safe to be driven on the roads. 5. Never Miss an Opportunity Unexpected breakdowns of fleet vehicles can be frustrating and might negatively affect your business. You might miss making deliveries or meeting with potential clients if your vehicle breakdowns. Proper maintenance will ensure you don't miss any appointment. 6. Reduce Downtime by Improving Fleet Maintenance Management Keep track of the maintenance schedule of your fleet vehicles. Knowing when you had the oil and filter changed can help you create a better maintenance schedule and reduce downtime. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for scheduling maintenance. Over maintenance and lack of maintenance, both can cause issues with your fleet vehicle. Following a proper schedule will help keep your fleet vehicles in the best condition. Outsourcing maintenance to a reliable company will increase productivity and you will also gain valuable insight. A well-maintained fleet will help increase business productivity with less fuel consumption and less breakdown. Alberta Transmission Service provides fleet repair and maintenance services, including clutch repairs and engine tune-ups. We also offer automatic transmission and manual repair services. Contact us today for our wide array of fleet repair programs.


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