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Cars are an essential part of most people’s daily lives in Edmonton. When something goes wrong, however, most people quickly realize that, despite being such a big part of our lives, most people don’t know much about how they operate, let alone how to fix them. Don’t worry! Our experts at Alberta Transmission Service are here to help. Here is a little more information about what a transmission is and a few common signs that your transmission might need repair.

What is a Transmission? Your transmission is a component of your car that is a kind of middleman between your car’s engine and its drive wheels. Every gas-powered engine has a maximum amount of energy it can transfer to the wheels. If the revolutions per minute (rpm) are above the engine’s capacity, your engine could easily become damaged. The transmission shifts gears between shafts that connect your engine to your drive wheels to regulate the rpms and keep your engine working at maximum efficiency. As you probably know, transmissions can either be manual (the driver controls the shifting of gears) or automatic (the shifting is done automatically by the car itself). Signs that something’s wrong with Your Transmission Whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission, your car is a complicated machine and a lot can potentially go wrong with it without proper maintenance. Here are just a few signs that you may need transmission repair services from an Edmonton garage:

  • Odd Burning smells. Your transmission has fluid in it that lubricates its moving metal parts and helps prevent the system from overheating. If something is burning, that probably means your transmission is overheating either from a lack of transmission fluid or something more serious.

  • Unusual, Slow or Sudden Gear changes. If you have an automatic transmission, you shouldn’t feel any significant effect of a gear change. If your car is suddenly changing gears, not changing gears fast enough, or randomly changes gears, you have a problem and should see a mechanic as soon as possible.

  • Leaking fluids. Leaking fluids are never a good sign and should always be checked by a professional. Your car’s air conditioning does give off some water when it’s being used but if you see anything other than water beneath your car, you know you need to contact a mechanic.

Where can you get Transmission Diagnostic and Repair Services? At Alberta Transmission Service, we serve the Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas and specialize in just these kinds of problems. If you think you might have a problem with your car’s transmission, contact us today. Our experts will provide you with the service you need to safely get back on the road at an affordable price.


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