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Car clutch

Longevity is crucial when it comes to your vehicle, but safety and smooth functioning also go hand in hand. Getting the most from your investment means proper maintenance and good driving habits that can be difficult to maintain. If you have a manual transmission vehicle in Edmonton, protecting your clutch is one of the best ways to save money and keep your vehicle in great condition for as long as possible. Find out more about the quality and performance of your clutch when you schedule an inspection with the experienced auto mechanics at Alberta Transmission Service. Our team provides dedicated transmission services and clutch repairs for every make and model without compromising quality and reliability.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Clutch Repair Expenses in Edmonton Follow the tips below and establish good habits early on as you begin your driving career.

  1. Don’t Ride the Clutch – It is the golden rule when it comes to keeping your clutch in great condition. Either commit to pressing the clutch pedal down or leave it alone. Constant pressure means constant wear, so learn to drive without riding it to avoid needing clutch repairs.

  2. Slow Down – See that red light up ahead? It is important for every driver to slow down as they approach an intersection, but it is especially important for those in control of a manual transmission ride. Ease off the gas, begin to slow down, and you may even be able to avoid stopping. Drop the clutch, idle, and avoid clutch slippage that can lead to wear and tear.

  3. Gradually Accelerate – Tearing away from stop lights or stop signs can cause a lot of trouble for your clutch and lead to the need for fast and frequent repairs. Try to slip the clutch as little as possible and aim for around just 1,100 RPM to get going before you amp things up.

  4. Use Your Brakes and Clutch Correctly – Some drivers mistakenly think that the clutch can compensate or save their brakes. Clutch repairs in Edmonton cost more than brakes, so use both in their intended capacity for the best and most sustainable results. Try to match engine and rear-wheel speed as much as possible to make downshifting smoother, and engage the throttle a bit when you downshift to raise the RPM.

  5. Use the Handbrake – Your clutch can come in handy to stop rolling backwards on an incline, but that will lead to rapid deterioration. Instead, use your hand brake beforehand, engage the clutch and shift into first gear. Once you reach 3000 RPM, release the clutch slowly and then disengage the emergency brake as you use the throttle. Trust Alberta Transmission Service for Manual Transmission and Clutch Repairs in Edmonton Good driving habits and regular maintenance inspections can do wonders to help you avoid clutch repairs and improve the performance of your vehicle. Eventually, wear and tear will occur with time. When it does, you can rely on the team at Alberta Transmission Services for dependable advice and quality repairs. Visit us for routine vehicle inspections and manual transmission repairs. We also provide fleet maintenance and, of course, clutch repairs in Edmonton. Book your appointment for clutch or manual transmission repairs today. Call us at 1-800-561-3220 or book your vehicle service online.


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