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low cost transmission repair

The transmission is a mechanism that uses a sequence of gears and shafts to transmit engine power to the tractor wheels, allowing your engine to run at different speeds. The system consists of the clutch, transmission gears, differential final drive, rear axle and rear wheels. It is essential to carry out regular maintenance of the transmission to avoid expensive repairs and you must fix any existing issues before they deteriorate. For low cost transmission repairs in Edmonton, get in touch with Alberta Transmission Service. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we provide long-lasting solutions to all your automotive problems. We also offer efficient clutch repair services.

Signs that Your Transmission System Needs Repairs

The warning signs to watch out for are: • A burned smell coming out of the fluid • Humming, grinding or clunking noises coming out of the engine • The clutch staying engaged and causing grinding noises when you try to shift it • A thumping or grinding sensation during gear changes • The transmission snaps into neutral or slips between gears when you are driving • A delay between gear changes, including higher RPMs for a gear change

What Does Transmission Repair Include?

Some of the common services your vehicle may require are: • Change of Transmission Fluid Your vehicle may require a full transmission fluid exchange and you may also have to change the transmission filter. Always follow the specifications recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Change the transmission fluid every two years or every 30,000 miles. • Transmission Flush A transmission flush refers to the maintenance process where all the sludge and grime accumulated in your transmission system is removed. Old oil is removed during the procedure and new oil, along with cleaning solutions (if necessary), is passed through the transmission. • Transmission Rebuild You may have to rebuild or replace your transmission system if it begins to fail or stops working completely. Transmission rebuild is a more economical option compared to transmission replacement, as the former involves replacing only the damaged and worn transmission parts. Transmission Repair Costs The cost of transmission repairs differs based on the type and severity of repairs that your vehicle requires. The details we have collated are: • The cost of repair or replacement of manual transmissions is less than automatic transmissions. • The repair costs for standard, domestic models are significantly less compared to imported luxury models. • The severity of your vehicle damage and how well-maintained it is are essential factors in determining the repair costs. Follow the maintenance procedure recommended by your vehicle manufacturer to avoid expensive repairs. • Finding replacement parts for significantly rare or older vehicle models can be difficult. This increases the costs of repair. If you are looking for low cost transmission repairs in Edmonton, Alberta Transmission Service can help. We offer a complete range of auto repair services at competitive prices. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to handle all models of foreign and domestic vehicles. We also provide differential repair services. Read our blog - 5 Ways to Make Your Transmission Last - to learn how to extend the lifetime of your transmission system. For low cost transmission rebuild and maintenance, contact us today!


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