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Pouring out transmission fluid

Your transmission provides power to your engine and is more than just a set of gears. Every component is crucial to keep your vehicle functioning. For most makes and models, the transmission will last between 95,000 and 160,000 km. If poorly cared for or neglected, that number can decrease significantly, and car owners may be faced with expensive and extensive transmission repairs or rebuilds. Not sure how to be gentle with your automatic or manual transmission? Follow the maintenance guidelines below and visit transmission repair experts at Alberta Transmission Service for reliable transmission services.

Important Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Transmission Ensure your transmission is running its best with these 5 useful tips. If you have questions about your vehicle transmission, or have noticed vehicle performance issues that may indicate it is time for transmission repairs, contact a professional as soon as possible. Here’s how you can ensure a long-lasting, durable, and fully functional transmission:

  1. Fluid – Transmission fluid is the leading cause of transmission problems, so staying on top of levels and quality is important. Low levels or dirty transmission fluid can lead to overheating and other errors that can quickly progress to wear, tear, and damage. Check levels once a month and keep fluid on-hand for easy top-ups or replacements.

  2. Synthetic – When you are changing the fluid, consider trying new synthetic options. The new technology is an affordable way to enhance the performance of your transmission and rely on your fluid for a longer period of time.

  3. Add a Filter – Your vehicle has a filter in place to trap contaminants, dirt, and debris, but adding an external filter will help limit the speed and rate of decay even more. Additional protection and a cleaner transmission are always a good thing.

  4. Drive Smart – Use your parking brake on an incline, tow within the recommended weight limit, accelerate gradually, and give your vehicle time to warm up. Good habits will extend the life of automatic and manual transmission systems with less strain on a regular or daily basis. Drive safe and drive smart to increase the longevity of your system.

  5. Maintain – After two years or around 50,000 kilometres of driving, you should have transmission maintenance completed by a trained professional. Ideally, find a local shop that specializes in transmission services to ensure that a thorough inspection is completed. A full fluid change, filter replacement, and cleaning is performed during maintenance. This will pay off many times over in terms of increased performance and the lifespan of your vehicle.

Maintain Your Transmission with Efficient Repairs in Edmonton and Sherwood Park Vehicle owners who need manual transmission repairs and automatic transmission repairs can rely on the professionals at Alberta Transmission Service. Our team has been providing quality services, honest advice, and affordable auto repairs for more than 2 decades. Come to us to learn more about your system or have your vehicle maintained today. Schedule your transmission repairs and maintenance appointment to make your vehicle last as long as possible. Call Alberta Transmission Service today at 1-800-561-3220 or book your vehicle service online.


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