Transmission Repair in Edmonton

For 25 years, drivers have counted on Alberta Transmission Service for complete transmission repair in Edmonton. When you choose our expert team, you can expect honest, accurate transmission work. In fact, many people refer to us as the "go-to" shop for comprehensive transmission services. 

One of the most common questions the team at Alberta Transmission Service wants our customers to know the answer to is how to know when your transmission is in need of repair services. There are a number of different instances in which you’ll want to bring your vehicle in so we can take a look at the transmission.

Learn the Benefits of Professional Transmission Repair in Sherwood Park

Experiencing issues with an automatic or manual transmission can be a rather stressful experience. No matter if you’re a do-it-yourself type of person or prefer to have someone else fix it, there are numerous benefits to having a professional transmission technician provide the necessary repairs:

  • Correctly Diagnosing Issues – The technicians at Alberta Transmission Service are truly transmission experts. As such, they will be able to quickly diagnose any issues with your transmission and recommend the most appropriate repairs. 
  • Getting it Done Right – While it’s certainly possible for you to repair your own transmission, you’ll run the risk of getting it wrong and having to deal with it all over again. However, when you allow a professional to perform the repairs, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing the job was done right the first time and your transmission will run smoothly. 
  • Savings – If you choose to go it your own, you could very well cause additional problems by performing faulty repairs that will end up costing you even more when it’s all said and done. On the flip side, you can avoid that potential situation entirely by allowing a professional transmission technician to perform repairs. 
  • Spotting Other Problems – Because our technicians know transmissions inside and out, they have the ability to spot further problems while working on a particular issue with your unit. Why is this important? Say the other issues went unnoticed—you’d be dealing with further issues down the road, even the potential of having to replace your transmission entirely.

Visit Alberta Transmission Service for Automatic Transmission Repairs Today

Any time you notice the warning signs that your transmission is on the fritz, there’s no time to waste for repairs. If you let problems persist long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll end up having to spend a significant amount of your hard earned money to completely replace the transmission. That’s why the team at Alberta Transmission Service encourages you to bring your vehicle in when you believe there’s an issue with your transmission.

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